About Me

I am Nate Rollins, a child of God, a husband, a dad and I live in central Massachusetts. I was raised without knowing that God was in my life; in fact I spent some of my younger years claiming that I was an atheist. At the time, though, I really did not understand what that claim meant. But, God did eventually show me that He exists and, most importantly, He loves me. I now see that His love is what we are all called to exhibit in our lives.

Since those days, I have come to understand that those who believe in and follow God are a family. And, like every family, we don’t know all of the members, and we don’t all believe the same things. But we do all have a common link and we do all need to stick together. As a family, we can support each other and overcome greater obstacles than if we faced them alone.

So, my goal with this monthly letter that I send, called “Paraklēsis,” is to provide some encouragement to everyone in the family.

I believe in the Bible – from Genesis thru Revelation – as God’s gift to us for guidance, inspiration and Truth. From His scriptures, I have several that are foundational to my work here. I have that list on a separate page that you can check out by clicking here.

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